Advanced Level Flood Damage Restoration Services

Squeaky Clean Restoration Sydney offers the finest, safest, and simplest way to save carpets from flood damage. We understand that you have a lot of stuff to take care of in case of such a natural disaster. So we make things easier for you by taking care of your precious carpets. We use advanced tools, eco-friendly solutions, and our experience to deliver excellence in our services.

We are here 24×7; on weekends and public holidays too. We know your carpets can’t wait for flood damage restoration service. Therefore, we reach you within one hour of your call – anywhere in Sydney.

We advise our customers not to do any kind of carpet cleaning in case of flood damage. It does more harm than good to your carpets. Just leave your carpets to us and we will take good care of them!

Our Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Process

At Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration we have a dedicated team to tackle flood damage carpet restoration requests. Moreover, to speed up the process, we have jotted down a step-by-step procedure for our people to follow for flood damage restoration. It is as follows:

Awesome Flood Damage Restoration

Awesome Flood Damage Restoration

  • First of all, our team inspects the affected area. We need to know how much damage has been done, what all needs to be done, what is to be removed, and how best we can proceed.
  • Our cleaners then remove excess water. They use submersible pumps and high power vacuum machines for the same. They remove water not just from the carpet but from the surrounding area as well.
  • Once excess water is gone, our cleaners mop the entire area with disinfectant solutions. These are made from eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for kids and pets. This step targets in removing all types of bacteria, germs, viruses, and contaminants caused due to water damage.
  • After mopping, our cleaners dry the carpets. This process is accomplished in two stages. First one is drying using air movers and the second one is to dehumidify the carpets for moisture removal. The whole process takes a few days.
  • We use anti- microbial application on the dry carpet to keep it safe from future contaminants’ attack.
  • Our cleaners also treat your carpets with an anti-browning treatment to make them look brighter and younger.
  • Our cleaners have means and knowledge to undertake minor carpet repairs too. At this stage, we repair the carpets as required.
  • Our cleaners, then, perform carpet steam cleaning. This is a crucial step in flood damage carpet restoration. Without steam cleaning, we cannot make your carpets hygienic and absolutely clean from within.
  • Afterwards, we do carpet sanitization to kill any left out contaminants/pollutants.
  • And at last, our team again inspects the carpet and seek your approval for 100% satisfaction before leaving your premises.

At Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Sydney we understand what a mess is created in case of flood damage. We work hard to make things easy for you. However, we request you to get in touch with us IMMEDIATELY in case of flood damage because that is the only we can help you save your precious carpets.

Fabric Protection Treatment

Water damage makes your carpet vulnerable to mould growth. It makes your carpet an easy target for bacteria that grows well in moist conditions. Therefore, we treat your flood damaged carpets with special kind of fabric protection that avoids any kind of mould growth. It keeps your carpet fabric safe from side effects of moisture.

Perfect Flood Damage Restoration in Sydney

Perfect Flood Damage Restoration in Sydney

Water Damage Survival Tips

Here we share certain simple yet highly effective tips to follow in case of flood damage. This will save you, your carpets, and other stuff. Have a look:

  • Stop the water’s source, if possible.
  • Do not use any electrical devices in and around the affected area.
  • Do not use the wet carpet.
  • Empty the carpeted area of any furniture, if you can.
  • Avoid touching any flood damaged item and if you do then wash your hands properly.
  • Do not use any cooling or heating system, not even fans. This further spreads the contaminants.
  • Do not try to extract water using vacuum or any other device. You might hurt yourself from an electric shock.

Why Choose Squeaky Clean Restoration for Flood Damage Restoration

We at Squeaky Clean Restoration Sydney try make things a little better in case of flood damage. We save your carpets from becoming irreparable. We are a renowned name in Sydney and people rely on our flood damage restoration services because:

  • We are a proud team of certified, licensed, and qualified cleaners.
  • We have latest tools for flood damage restoration services.
  • We make carpets not just clean but hygienic and healthy too.
  • We provide guarantee for our flood damage restoration service.
  • We offer lowest priced flood damage restoration in Sydney.
  • You can avail emergency flood damage restoration service at a nominal price.
  • We use only bio-friendly cleaning solutions that have no harmful chemicals.
  • We serve all areas of Sydney.
  • We offer free quote, with no hidden charges, for our services.
  • We have 20 years of industry experience.

Squeaky Clean Restoration Sydney promises to deliver timely and effective flood damage carpet restoration services. We save your carpets from complete decay. We make them re-usable. We know we cannot do wonders in case of flood damage but we assure you to save your carpets in such a situation.

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia