Carpets are an integral part of our daily life. It not just gives oomph to your home decor but also helps you with dirt and dust. As the carpets are the first thing to come in contact with after coming back home, it also accumulates the most dirt and unnecessary substances. So, you need to install a carpet on the floor to avoid unnecessary dirt and dust. But, it also has some limitations, such as carpet damaged by water. And the problem gets bigger as the carpets lay on the floor. So, it soaks the excess water. But you don’t have to worry about the carpet damage. With some easy and methodical tips, you can always clean your carpet after water damage in Adelaide.

Clean Carpet After Water Damage

Step By Step Procedure To Clean Carpet After Water Damage

Before you start with the carpet cleaning procedure, make sure to calm down first. After all, without a steady mindset, nothing will work. So, take a deep breath, and let’s get into the carpet cleaning procedure.

1. Reason For Carpet Damage

Carpet damage can be of various types. Therefore, it is better to find out the root cause of the problem to assess the needed treatment. In most cases, plumbing disputes and floods lead to severe carpet damage. If the water is dirty then you need to take more precautions to deal with the carpet water damage. The dirty water carries a lot of unhygienic substances. So, make sure to remove the water thoroughly from the floor. It will help you to check the carpet condition.

2. Remove The Excess Water

Once you know the cause of the damage, you can start by removing the water from the floor. If the weather is cold, make sure that the water doesn’t freeze the carpet. Along with the excess water, the carpet also sheds some unnecessary substances from the thick coat of fiber.

3. Extract Carpet Water

Now that you have removed the excess water from the room, you are left with the carpet only. So, use a vacuum cleaner to extract the excess water from the carpet. The carpet water extraction is a tedious job. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to hire a professional carpet cleaning agency within your locality. They have all the needed tools and instruments for carpets after extraction.

Moreover, if your carpet pad is damaged, you need some professional tools to repair the damage. But if you can remove the carpet water at home efficiently, you can step into the next stage of water damage carpet restoration.

4. Check Moulds And Fungal Growths

After you remove the water, flip the carpet and check the carpet pad thoroughly. Often sewage water carries a lot of harmful germs and fungal spores. The carpet condition is ideal for growing moulds and fungus. If you find any of these, contact your local carpet cleaners To restore sewage water-damaged carpet. The fungal spores and moulds can cause several diseases and allergic reactions to humans. In asthmatic patients, these can be lethal.

5. Deep Carpet Cleaning

Now that your carpet is free from moulds and fungal growths, dip the carpet into the washing solution. However, there are several types of carpets in the market. And each of the carpet materials needs special attention. So, check the manufacturing instructions for carpet washing. And if there is no such instruction, contact your go-to-go carpet cleaner from your locality. An expert can provide you with the proper caning solution.

Moreover, you can ask them to steam clean your carpet. Steaming helps in removing the dirt from the fibres efficiently. Also, carpet steaming kills harmful organisms. So, you can keep your carpet clean and hygienic. But, whatever method you choose, make sure to clean your carpet thoroughly.

6. Carpet Drying

Now, most of the population tends to stop thinking that the cleaning is done. But, carpet drying is as important as carpet cleaning. So, once you are done with carpet washing, use a high-power suction pump to dry the carpet. If you are drying it on your own, you can use a blow dryer for the same. Lastly, leave the carpet to sun dry for two consecutive days.

However, as an expert carpet cleaning team, we believe it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaning agency for thorough carpet cleaning and drying. A certified agency has the best carpet cleaning and drying tools. So, you can put the carpet to use right after drying. Irrespective of the carpet drying procedure, always make sure to dry the carpet thoroughly. Otherwise, you may experience an uncanny smell from it. Moreover, the damp condition can cause rotting within the carpet fibres which may lead to mould formation. For the best result, you can hire a carpet sanitization expert to get quality results for carpet cleaning.

With these simple steps,  you can restore your carpet from water damage. However, if you are unable to do so, feel free to contact your local carpet cleaning agency. The professional carpet cleaners will assess the water damage to the carpet to provide you with the best result. Get a free estimate on a call with 24 hour customer support services.