At Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne we are conscious of the fact that water damage is brought about by several factors and our presence in Melbourne is meant to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of you needing water restoration expert services at very affordable rate. We pride in having the most passionate and energetic team of certified cleaners who are readily available round the clock to execute their duty. Come to us with all your water damage needs and we will give you lasting solutions ranging from flood inflicted damages, dreaded hurricanes, washing machine overflows and all sorts of water damages we have Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne sustainable carpet steam cleaning solutions that will be credited for carpet restoration that will give you peace of mind to make you to continue with your daily routine undisturbed.

Domestic Carpet Flood Restoration

Domestic Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne


We are team of fully accredited carpet restoration cleaners. We hold certification in carpet restoration services and having ample experience in carpet restoration and flood damage cleanup and restoration.


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Runner carpet re-stretching South Melbourne

Hi there! We have a runner carpet in our South Melbourne office building that has come off from where it was originally glued. I believe what it needs is either re-stretching or re-laying. We’re hoping to have someone out to look at it ASAP as it’s starting to gather in some areas, and I’m able
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Why Pick Us

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration is a renowned flood restoration service provider in . Here are some reasons why our valued customers reach out to us in tough times:

  1. Technical expertise – You cant handle flood or water damage on your own. It requires technical expertise to avoid salvaging your expensive things. Squeaky clean carpet restoration has that technical expertise.
  2. Experience – We have been serving our clients in for several years now, which gives us a cutting edge advantage over others.
    Latest restoration equipment – We know that having the right machinery is important to serve our precious clients better. Thus, we keep investing and improving our restoration equipment to provide you the best restoration services in .
  3. Quick and Direct – We value your time and money. When you give us a call to enquire about our restoration services, our customer care executives lead to straight to the answer without wasting time. We are quick and direct to ensure transparency at all stages.
  4. Emergency service – Water restoration services can be required at any time of the day. We understand its importance and so we offer emergency water restoration services in .
  5. Cost-effective solutions – We are a locally bred company and we know no one likes shelling out a huge amount for something as basic as water restoration service. So, we give cost-effective water restoration solutions to our clients.
  6. Compassionate Service – Flood, hurricane, sewerage backflow and any other similar situation is quite devastating. To see your valuable assets get damaged by water is a helpless state. We completely understand this and that is why we train our cleaners to be compassionate in tough times.
  7. Guaranteed Result – We believe in results and work to achieve them. All our water restoration services come with guaranteed results and we are not satisfied, we dont charge for it!
  8. Certified Cleaners – We work with only certified cleaners.

carpet restoration

Water damage can be caused due to unexpected flood, bursting of pipes, hurricane, overflowing of washing machines, overflowing of bathtubs, sewerage backflow, rising river, or other similar issues. The intensity of damage caused to due to any kind of excess water varies as per prevailing situations. But we at Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration are equipped with the right knowledge and equipment to manage all sorts of damage.

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Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Carpet cleaning process

You dirty carpets will be cleaned up using any of the two Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne methods below: our certified cleaner will either use carpet dry cleaning process or the carpet steam cleaning process at very affordable prices. When our certified cleaner comes to your site he will examine your carpet and decide upon the best method to use, which will not override your personal choice.

Water Damage Carpet Restoration Melbourne

Water Damage Carpet Restoration Melbourne

Carpet steam cleaning

Our certified Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne cleaner will undertake carpet steam cleaning as outlined:

  • Our certified cleaner will analyze your carpet to choose a suitable cleaning solution
  • The next step involves dry vacuuming purposed at removing all dry particles
  • Thirdly, our certified cleaner will use Eco-friendly detergents for treatment of stains
  • We will thoroughly wash your carpet
  • We will commence the hot water extraction technique to achieve deep cleaning of the entire carpet
  • The carpet will be dried using air movers
  • Finally, your carpet will be deodorized to leave it with a suitable fragrance

Carpet dry cleaning

When it comes to Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne carpet dry cleaning procedure the following is observed:

  • Examination of your carpet to determine the best cleaning solution for your carpet
  • The next stage involved Hi-tech vacuuming
  • Thirdly, we will wash your carpet
  • We will finally, Post vacuum your carpet to ensure that it is cleaned completely.

The Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne techniques outlined above have their varying advantages and one is chosen over the other in with respect to the type of fabric and carpet quality, which are the key determinants of the cleaning technique. Our certified cleaners have the discretion of deciding the best method that will post an expected outcome.

Carpet Water Damage Repair / Cleanup

At Squeaky Carpet Flood Restoration Melbourne we are expert in restoring your carpet back to original condition. Our carpet restoration technicians are expert in :

  • Carpet Fire and Smoke Restoration
  • Carpet Repair
  • Carpet Re-Install
  • Carpet Structure Drying
  • Carpet Sewage Restoration
  • Wet Carpet Drying within 1 hour
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Carpet Flood Restoration
  • Wet Carpet Cleaning and Drying

What All We Do

Flood restoration is a huge project and we understand that the situation is devastating for the victims. We at Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration provide you professional help for complete flood restoration services in Melbourne. We provide the following services:

  1. Wet and Dry Vacuum
  2. Stain Removal
  3. Odor Removal
  4. Damage Valuation
  5. Carpet Restoration Advice
  6. Other Carpet Restoration Services
  7. Emergency Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Response
Residential & Commercial Carpet Restoration Melbourne

Residential & Commercial Carpet Restoration Melbourne

Apart from carpet flood restoration, we can even take care of the following:

  1. Leaking roof
  2. Burst water pipes
  3. Sewerage backflow
  4. Runoff from excess storm water
  5. Hot water system leaks
  6. Washing machine Water overflow
  7. Sink & bathtub overflow
  8. Domestic Carpet flood damage repair
  9. Commercial floor flood restoration
carpet steam cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Flood damage is easy to handle if it is worked upon instantly. So you must give Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration a call during a flood. We have powerful machines that act as water vacuum and we can easily pump out excess water from your premises. If we get on the site during flood or sewerage backflow, we are in a much better position to help you tackle the situation in a much professional way. Moreover, this ensures that water does not do permanent damage to your furniture, carpet and other valuable stuff. It is more tedious to treat water damage if is abandoned for a while. And sometimes the problem is so deep that you may have to remove carpets, walls or even floors. So, it is better to avail our emergency flood restoration services in case of unfortunate circumstances.

Benefits of Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne

Our Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne company is a wholly locally owned Company offering carpet restoration services within Melbourne and the environs. Our clients are drawn from domestic and commercial segments. To achieve guaranteed results we blend the use of modern cleaning equipment, alongside eco-friendly cleaning solutions, with our two decades wealth of experience, backed with exceptionally qualified certified cleaners.  We give accurate quotes to all our clients and don’t put any charges below the table. Our response is spontaneous because we know the mental anguish and torture associated with water damage situations.

The bulk of water damage situations are brought about as a result of floods occurring suddenly, or unexpected hurricanes, or maybe burst pipes, in some cases overflowing of the washing machines, as well as sewerage backflows, and even the overflowing bathtubs, it could perhaps be a rising river yards away from your house. The impact caused is always negative because huge volumes of water are associated with untold damages when left to ravage any property. At Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne we have all it takes to put the whole situation under control.

We are a reputable Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne company when it comes to providing flood restoration services in Melbourne. Below are some of the salient features that make us remain a cut above the other players in the industry.

carpet steam cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Technical expertise

No one can handle any flood or water damage situation their own. Such a situation calls for technical expertise to enable you to salvage your costly items, at Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne we have the necessary technical expertise.

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Experience

Our company is a household name in Melbourne for a number of years, this makes us to stand shoulders high among our competitors
hi-tech Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne restoration equipment: It is only through use of the best equipment that we can be able to execute our services in the most proficient manner. We have invested in the upgrading of our flood restoration tools aimed at delivering spontaneous restoration services within Melbourne and its suburbs.

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Quick and Direct

Time is of essence, when your call comes through, we don’t beat around the bush, and we take you straight to the answer because we have the solutions to your problems we uphold transparency in all our dealings with you at all stages.

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Emergency service

We are alive to the fact that restoration services may be needed urgently at any minute of the day. Such are desperate situations that call for urgent measures, which give way to emergency water restoration services that we offer all over Melbourne round the clock.

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Cost-effective solutions

Being a homegrown company we cannot just sit back and watch as your wallet is being wiped clean by exorbitantly-charging competitors, we charge very minimal rates making our service to be cost effective because we are part of you.

carpet repair Melbourne

Domestic Carpet Damage Repair

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Compassionate Service

Whether you are facing a hurricane, or an internal sewerage backflow or even an unrecorded flood situation, they all are devastating in nature. Imagine a situation where you and your loved ones are at a safe zone watching your precious possessions being ravaged by water and you cannot do anything about it. Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne certified cleaners handle all such situations with all the necessary compassion required.

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne Guaranteed Result

We are results oriented and work rapidly to realize the best outcome. Our service to you comes with guaranteed results.  All staffs employed by us are certified cleaners.

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Carpet Restoration Services Melbourne

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration is a Melbourne based company providing complete carpet restoration services in all suburbs. We work at both domestic and commercial level. Our latest cleaning equipment, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, over 20 years of experience, and highly qualified and certified technicians make it possible for us to commit to our clients for guaranteed results. Along with rough estimates (with no hidden charges) we deliver timely service to our clients to respect the value of their time.

Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration does not stop at carpet cleaning, we have a complete range of other carpet related services such as carpet mould restoration, carpet repair, carpet water restoration, flood damage carpet restoration, emergency carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, pet stain and odour removal from carpets, and so on.

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Squeaky Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpets can be cleaned in two ways – carpet dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning. At Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration we have both the services available at affordable costs. Depending upon the fabric of your carpet and your personal choice, our experts will pick one method. The processes are as described below:

Our carpet steam cleaning process comprises:

  1. Fabric identification and choosing the best cleaning solution
  2. Dry vacuuming to remove dry particles
  3. Stain removal treatment with eco-friendly agents
  4. Washing of the carpet for better results
  5. Using hot water extraction for complete deep cleaning of carpet
  6. Grooming and setting of the piles in the carpet for extra softness
  7. Drying of the carpet using air movers
  8. Deodorizing of the carpet to ensure it becomes healthy and fragrant

On the other hand, the carpet dry cleaning process comprises:

  1. Finding the best solution for the carpet
  2. Hi-tech vacuuming
  3. Washing of the carpet
  4. Post vacuuming to make sure it is utterly clean

Both these services have their own advantages and are chosen as per the fabric quality of the carpet and kind of cleaning required. Our experts judge and suggest the most appropriate method for flawless results!

Dramatic Carpet Restoration

5 5 1
My heartfelt thanks to the whole team of Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration for restoring my precious carpet. I was so tensed about it and had no possible option to restore it until I found these guys. They inspected my carpet and promised to restore it back to a new fresh look. And I am so happy to say that they did what they promised. Lovely experience

Professional in approach

5 5 1
“Team of Squeaky clean carpet restoration showed up before their scheduled time of cleaning. I would like to go for my carpet cleaning in future with the Squeaky team only.”

Fresh and Clean Carpets by Squeaky Clean

5 5 1
I came home to a business card in my door and when I entered the home with fresh-smelling interiors with freshly cleaned carpets. Nothing out of place. You guys did a great job!

Amazing service!!!!!!

5 5 1
WOW WOW WOW. After the recent storms we had some minor flooding I called squeaky clean carpet restoration and true to their word they provide me exceptional service and had someone there within the hour.

100% Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Products

5 5 1
This is the one thing that we liked about them – they use only eco-friendly cleaning products for cleaning and restoring carpets. So we knew that chemical residues won’t be there to harm our carpets or our family. Great job!

Complete Stain Removal from Carpets

5 5 1
My kids love playing on the carpets so the carpets are bound to get dirty. And dirty carpets are bound to cause health issues to my kids. This was a serious concern for me unless I found Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Melbourne. It is a reliable company providing quality work for cleaning carpets and an affordable price for the same. I call them once in every six months to keep my carpets and kids safe. Thanks for making our lives easier.

Carpet Cleaning with Fast Drying

5 5 1
I could not imagine that if I get my carpets cleaned by professionals then I will be able to use them on the same day. But Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration employed great cleaning techniques for fast drying of our carpets. Wow. – Luka

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