Carpets are something the homes feel incomplete without. They add warmth, comfort and perfection to any place almost effortlessly. The carpets demand extra care as well. Regular foot traffic, accidents, spillages, and grime build up lead your carpets to wear off, and they tend to lose their lustre. That’s why the homeowners are often advised to call professional carpet cleaners over to restore and regain the lost shine of the carpets. And one of the most widely used methods by the professionals is- carpet steam cleaning. Being a leading and trusted name, Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration brings you the best services for carpet restoration at the most promising and budget-friendly prices.

  • Same day carpet cleaning services
  • Local carpet cleaners
  • Knowledgeable and skilled professional teams
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Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

What Effects Carpet Steam Cleaning Leaves on your Carpets?

Carpet Steam Cleaning is an effective way to thoroughly clean and sanitise your carpets. This is the reason it is one of the most preferred methods by the experts. Also known as hot water extraction carpet cleaning, this method involves the use of steam while cleaning. Though steam cleaning leaves your carpets wet for a long time, it works wonders.

Untidy and grimy carpets are the breeding ground for allergens and tiny pests, such as dust mites, carpet beetles, mould, and bacteria. The presence of allergens is the major reason behind constant health issues spread across the home. With the regular cleaning, you can avoid the infestations of these allergens and contaminants. Hiring the help from professional carpet cleaning like Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration can assist you in keeping these allergens at bay and maintaining a clean and healthy environment in the home.

  • Steam Cleaning is a deep carpet cleaning method.
  • It removes the deeply ingrained dirt and contaminants from the carpet fibres.
  • This method is most helpful in bringing the lost lustre of your carpets.
  • It does a thorough sanitation of carpets, without damaging its fibres.

What Does Carpet Steam Cleaning Process Involve?

We at Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration follow a planned and systematic carpet cleaning approach for the satisfactory results. Go through our Steam Cleaning process mentioned below:

  • Carpet Inspection – We, first of all, do a detailed investigation of your carpets to find the stains and areas that need special treatment. The inspection gives us an idea about the carpet fibres which help us select the right cleaning solution.
  • Pre-vacuuming- Then before starting the procedure, we vacuum your carpets for the removal of loose debris, and stains.
  • Carpet stain removal- Then comes our carpet stain treatment step, where we work on the removal of ingrained dried up stains from the carpet. It’s important to clean the stains before actually moving the cleaning treatment.
  • Hot Water Extraction- Afterwards, hot pressurised water/steam along with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions is injected and then extracted from the carpet fibres.
  • Carpet Speed Drying- This is the second last step, where we run high-power airbrushes onto your carpets for quick drying, so they can be brought to use at the earliest.
  • Carpet Deodorizing- In the final step we apply deodorisers to your carpets for the complete removal of any lingering foul smell and making them smell fresh once again.
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaner
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaner

Why Choose Us For Carpet Steam Cleaning?

There are a lot of companies out there claiming to deliver the quality services for carpet cleaning and restoration. But there a few factors that set apart from the rest. Following are the reasons you would love to hire us for carpet cleaning services over and over again.

  • We are available on the same day of booking
  • We do not mind offering free quotations.
  • Customer satisfaction is something we never compromise on.
  • Advanced cleaning kits and tools for effective results
  • Our carpet cleaning costs are reasonable and give you complete value for money.
  • We are working on weekends and public holidays as well.