Affordable & Effective Flood Damage Restoration

Natural calamities like flood have the potential to damage your carpets in an irreparable way. So how can you save yourself from replacing your ruined carpet? The simple way is to get in touch with Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration for exceptional flood damage restoration services. We have the required knowledge, equipment, and experience to tackle such situations.

We are available 24×7 for flood damage carpet restoration services. We know that there are more chances of saving your carpet if we are quick in reaching the destination. So we are always on our toes to reach out to you in such a situation.

Flood Damage Restoration in Brisbane

Flood Damage Restoration in Brisbane

It is advisable not to indulge in any kind of carpet cleaning before we arrive at the location. You might do more harm to the carpet. Just call us and we will take care of your carpets!

How We Do Carpet Flood Damage Restoration

Nothing ruins your carpet more than excessive water. And time is of utmost essence in such a case. We understand this at Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Brisbane. We have designed a flood damage restoration process that is followed strictly in every case. Here is what we do when your carpet gets devastated by water:

  • We begin by inspecting the whole affected area. We also remove any movable item from this area. We check for the damage extent and see how much damage has been done to the carpet fabric.
  • We get rid of the excess water from the carpet and the surrounding area. We have effective submersible pumps to do so. We also have commercial level vacuums to remove water.
  • After removing the excess water, we perform mopping with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This helps us in getting rid of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.
  • Then we work on drying the carpet. We do this in two parts. The first step is to dry the carpets that takes a few days. The second step is dehumidifying the carpet to remove moisture content from your carpet.
  • We then apply an anti- microbial treatment on the carpet to protect it in future from pollutants.
  • Afterwards we use anti-browning treatment for your carpets to give them an enhanced look.
  • Minor carpet repairs are a part of our water damage carpet restoration services. We perform the repairs at this stage, if any.
  • Carpet water damage restoration is incomplete without carpet cleaning. So we do carpet steam cleaning once it is dry. This is done to make your carpets hygienic and healthy apart from clean.
  • We sanitize your carpets to eliminate any possibility of left over contaminants.
  • Finally we do carpet inspection to see if anything else can be done.

Flood damage is the worst thing that can happen to your carpet. However, Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Brisbane knows how to make it easy for you. We not just clean the carpets but make them hygienic and healthy for use again. Call us to cure your carpets from any kind of water damage and save them from complete damage!

Carpet Fabric Protection

Water has a bad effect on the carpet fabrics. No matter which fabric your carpet is made of, water will lead to mould growth. Therefore, we always use fabric protection treatment to avoid growth of bacteria, mould, and contaminants in the carpet fabrics.

Flood Damage Restoration In Brisbane

Flood Damage Restoration In Brisbane

Keep in mind these simple tips to minimize flood damage on your carpets and other stuff:

  • Stop the source of water if you can.
  • Do not walk on the wet carpets.
  • Avoid using any electrical items in the affected area.
  • If you touch any water damaged item then wash your hands after that.
  • Remove any movable furniture from the carpeted area.
  • Do not use vacuums or any other machine to extract water. This may lead to electric shock.
  • Do not turn on any fan/cooling/heating system. This leads to spreading of contaminants.

Why Choose Us for Flood Damage Restoration

Controlling natural disaster is not in our hands but controlling their consequences is. Flood damage can permanently damage your precious carpets. But if you call Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Brisbane immediately then we might save your carpets. We have been delivering timely, affordable, and effective flood damage restoration services for over 20 years. Moreover,

  • We hire only licensed and certified cleaners.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment for flood damage restoration.
  • We deliver guaranteed flood damage restoration service.
  • We offer lowest prices in Brisbane.
  • Our cleaners have ample training and knowledge in this field.
  • We answer to emergency flood damage restoration requests.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • We serve all areas of Brisbane

Don’t let any kind of water damage – not even flood – decay your expensive carpets. Call Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration Brisbane as soon as possible in such an emergency. And we promise to restore your carpets in the safest possible way.